Editing Service

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Full editing service by Bek Smith...

My prices include adjustments in Lightroom only:


White/Black Clipping
Tone Curve Adjustments
Cropping and straightening
Colour Adjustments
Noise Reduction

Highlight Recovery


There are no adjustments in photoshop.


Up to 200 images $300 AUD

201-300 images $350 AUD

301-400 images $400 AUD

401-600 images $450 AUD

601-800 images $500 AUD

801-1000 images $550 AUD

1001-1500 images $600 AUD


Providing you have less than 1000 photos, my culling service is $100.

B+W / Colour

I am happy to do both. Please give me a guideline as to what percentage you would like e.g.: 80/20

All images are to be sent via Lightroom Classic CC catalog or Dropbox.

*Please note that object removal, skin smoothing and liquifying are not services i provide. However if you would like skin smoothing it will cost extra.

Turnaround time is 3 weeks.