I've spent a life chasing stories to tell when i'm old

Natural, light drenched photographs with a sense of timeless beauty… you will be swept away by the breathtaking images of Bek Smith. Images that draw you in and capture those soulful, intimate moments and genuine emotion of your day; the anticipation, joy, excitement and love between you. Magic that will live on forever in every single frame.
Bek’s background in fashion photography also beautifully filters through her work. You can see it in her compositions and the way she works with natural light or how she perfectly positions herself to capture the poetic motion of a dress as it is swept up by a soft breeze. Nothing is missed. All of the exquisite details and personal touches which help paint the story of your day are all beautifully documented.


"Nick and I cant thank you enough, for all the gorgeous photos. We truly truly love them! The day has been captured so perfectly, I just can't stop looking at them."  - Louise Pilford


Just one kiss

sometimes that's all it takes for a HEART to lose its balance. and sometimes we want nothing more than the chance to fall.

- JM Storm



NYC, L.A., Hawaii  -June / July

australia  -All Year

Europe  -July

New zealand  -All  Year

*If you have a destination in mind that is not mentioned above, please get in touch. I am always happy to travel.

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